Syria RIP Mighty Martyrs


we will never forget our martyrs & prisoners

RIP Quashoush nightingale of the Syrian revolution

You open your mouth to talk I will silence your voice forever... Who are you to ask for a better life who are you to dream for a better tomorrow... You are under my command I am the ruler here and I own your life...
This is the sad message sent by Bashar to any one who dares talk... Only God cannot be criticized and by doing so Bashar and the criminal Arab rulers enforce the image of being Gods in their countries owning the life of their people.

It started with Tal el Mallouhi the young Syrian blogger- FREETAL who dared talk and found herself in prison away from her family because she wrote poetry that Bashar and his gang found threatening to their throne... A 17 year old became the threat!!!
and it continued with the killing and torturing of anyone who dared talk even children were not saved... So far since last March, 1486 were confirmed dead, 3000 activists disappeared as per avaaz AVAAZ On Syria, more than 12,000 thousand others were abducted, imprisoned or tortured. While tens of thousands fled to the Turkish border. UNHCR- Amnesty: Syria: Torture fear for dozens arrested

A sweep by government forces has seized one person every hour during the four-month Syrian uprising and detained them in secret, leaving their families no way to locate them, says a human rights group. Syrian protesters disappear at rate of one every hour
“Hour by hour, peaceful protesters are plucked from crowds by Syria’s infamously brutal security forces, never to be seen again,” said Avaaz’s executive director, Ricken Patel. “President Assad’s attempt to terrorise Syrians into submission isn’t working, but they urgently need the international community to demand the release of the disappeared and a transition to democracy."

The world didn't forget Hamza el Khatib pictures, when new pictures of a Ibrahim Quashoush- a 42 year old family man, a father of three who worked as a fireman in Hama, and wrote poetry about love before the revolution- emerged revealing to the world yet another awful atrocity of a ruler who fears the pen, the words of unarmed civilians, who faces poetry with bullets.

On July 1st 2011 hundreds of thousands sang behind an amateur singer on stage in Hama's central Assi Square during a rally for Syria.
"Screw you, Bashar, and screw those who salute you. Come on, Bashar, time to leave!" "Freedom is at our doors. Come on, Bashar, time to leave!"
were the very simple yet strong words chanted by Ibrahim to fuel people and the jaunty versus become the inspiration to Syria... two days latter on July 3rd Ibrahim was abducted by a white car, and his body was found in floating in al Assi river the next morning with his throat cut and voice box removed.
The message is clear the message reveals to the world what kind of crazy inhuman man is ruling Syria.. A criminal who would go to any length to silence his people.
Islam forbids mutilating a human body, the human body is very sacred in Islam, what Bashar and his shabihaa did when they mutilated children and men, Hamza and Ibrahim's bodies is haram then haram then haram. But then what does Bashar know about Islam or haram??? What???

Bashar you can kill Ibrahim and remove brutally his voice box yet his song will remain forever and we will hear it everyday till you leave... 
“Your legitimacy here has ended
Get out Basher
Bashar you’re a liar
To hell with you and your speech
Freedom is at the door
Time to leave basher"

The revolution will go on and with Ramadan approaching. Everyday will be a Friday every day we will chant your versus Ibrahim, we will chant to remind the world that Syrian revolution is alive.
Hope the world listens and reacts ... I really hope...

Ibrahim Qashoush tragedy in the media:

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