Syria between Malek and Malik

How many more crimes need the world witness to react and take a serious action to Assad's crimes?
How many more children have to die and how many more tears need to be shed?

How many more men need to be tortured and humiliated?
How many more mothers need to be heartbroken, devastated for the loss of their most precious ones?


We can no longer handle these scenes of violence every day... these are human beings like you and me who are being tortured and killed, these are children dying, real mothers devastated over the loss of their loved ones... these are not fake scenes from a bloody Hollywood movie...

According to latest UN Reports Security forces have killed some 2,700 people, including at least 100 children since the anti-government protests began in mid-March.

Some died simply because they made and sang a song like Ibrahim Qashoush, others died because they dared stand to Bashar and his thugs and they all died because they were courageous people who preferred to die with dignity and pride rather than shut up and accept Bashar injustice.

Every day is a new day for Syria with more shocking, sad, violent pictures... every day is a sad day for humanity too...

Yesterday two Syrian men Malek and Malik and their families had to endure the atrocities committed by Bashar and his awfully cruel army. one can imagine that your enemy torture and kill you but which human brain can conceive all this evil committed by your own fellow citizens. what a shame and disgrace for Syrian army and Bashar followers.

Malik and Malek one living in Syria the other living in US... One lost his life in Syria the other almost lost his parents in Syria. One left his mother crying heartbroken in pain and agony, the other saw cruel marks of hatred by a president who was supposed to bring safety and peace to Syrians lives only brought pain and despair.


 Rastan | Homs | Mother of Martyr Malik Darweesh Bids her Son Farwell

While Malik lost his life the second Malek was more fortunate, that his parents are still alive despite the brutal attack by Bashar and his gang of shabi7a who attacked Malek’s mum and dad simply to retaliate for his performance of ‘Watani Ana /I am my homeland’ at the ‘Freedom for Syria’ rally in Washington, D.C

Malek beloved mom, Lina Droubi
والدة مالك السيدة لينا دروبي

How could a human being do that to an old lady?

Malek beloved Dad, Dr. Mamoun Jandali
والد مالك الدكتور مأمون جندلي

How would you feel if that was your own Dad?

لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلى العظيم
  ولا تحسبن الله غافلا عما يعمل الظالمون إنما يؤخرهم ليوم تشخص فيه الأبصار -مهطعين مقنعي رءوسهم لا يرتد إليهم طرفهم وأفئدتهم هواء-  وأنذر الناس يوم يأتيهم العذاب

as he stated on his Facebook fan page
Photos of my beloved parents, Dr. & Mrs. Jandali, after the brutal attack by Syrian government thugs in retaliation for my performance of "Watani Ana" and attendance at the "Freedom for Syria" rally in Washington, D.C.
صور أهلي الكرام بعد الاعتداء الوحشي من قبل شبيحة النظام السوري عليهم داخل منزلهم بحمص، سوريا للانتقام من أدائي "وطني أنا" في مسيرة الحرية بواشنطن دعماً للشعب السوري الشجاع

You can read the whole sad story at this link

For all those who do not know Malek, Malek Jandali - مالك جندلي  is a famous a Syrian musician and amazing pianist. مالك جندلي

Malek Jandali Award winning composer & Pianist

One of his statuses on Facebook say it all about Syrian butcher Bashar el Assad
أنت عظيم عندما تملك قوة الأسد، ولكنّك مجرم عندما تستعملها كما يستعملها الأسد
You are great when you have the lion's strength, but you are a criminal once you become using it like the lion does.

His parents were punished because he participated in a rally to support mighty Syrians
because he stood by his own country by singing a beautiful song called

I am my Country and my Country is ME
I am Syria and Syria is ME


The world is and will remain uncivilized cruel and a sad place to live in as long as Bashar exist.
BASHAR LEAVE Degage ارحل

We are saying to you in all languages LEAVE

Syrians deserve better much better than a crazy criminal to rule them…

They Deserve Freedom
They deserve dignity
They deserve Love



  2. وما فتئ الزمان يدور حتى ..
    مضى بالمجد قوم أخرون
    وأصبح لا يرى بالركب قومي
    وقد كانـــوا أئمته قرونــا
    وآلمني وآلم كل حـــر سؤال الدهر ..
    أيـــن المسلمـــون؟؟؟
    لماذا لا يهيوا لنجدة سوريا
    حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

  3. يا أيها الشعب المجاهد إننا , , لنرى ملامح وجه نصر مسفر
    خذ من أحبتك العزاء فإنهم , , حضروا وإن أجسادهم لم تحضر
    يا رب أنقذ سوريا من ظالم , , ما زال يمشي مشية المتبختر
    وامنن على المستضعفين بساعة , , يلقون فيها النصر دون تأخر

  4. @Anonymous :) We all do he is great, truly awesome

  5. @Sophia habibty God bless Syria... Thank u this is so beautiful

  6. God Bless Mighty Syrians
    Malek we love you and support you I attended your concert it was great
    Good Luck