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Are Egyptians living abroad less Egyptians than the ones inside Egypt, if you are an Egyptian inside Egypt or out you are the same person, you have the same rights and duties... Voting rights is a major and important right you earn when you earn your citizenship. How many times did you hear people say, Ohhh I am going to my embassy today to vote and they say it with such pride… because they know that their voices matter, their voices count and make a difference!!!

That was exactly what I felt when I received a letter from Tunisian embassy in Cairo asking me to go to the embassy in Zamalek to register my name for the elections that will take place on 20, 21 and 22 October 2011 and so I did, me, my mother, brother, sister, cousins, friends all of us Tunisians living in Egypt went happily to register our names so we can vote in the coming elections, because our voices count and we matter to Tunisia.

Tunisia my beautiful country gave its citizens who live abroad their voting rights and facilitated all logistics for them to accomplish the task at their convenince.

The Tunisian diaspora can register either in the headquarters of the regional sections of the ISIE for those who are currently in Tunisia or from the diplomatic and consular offices abroad. They can also register as voters via the Internet by e-mailing their diplomatic and consular missions.

Tunisian diaspora registering for the constitutional elections

Viva Tunisia and if Tunis managed to do it so can Egypt... 
Like in Tunisia, suffrage-the right to vote- derives from citizenship. In almost most countries, the right to vote is reserved to those who possess the citizenship of the country in question. It has never been the issue of where they are but if they hold citizenship or not…
The right to vote is the fundamental citizenship right that protects all other rights. The right to vote is given to all regardless of race, religion, color, or sex.

Egypt was a pioneer among Arab and Muslim countries to grant women suffrage rights in 1956, just 4 years after Syria and Lebanon. 
Migration is an important phenomenon for the development of Egypt. According to the International Organization for Migration, An estimated official number of around 3 millions Egyptians live abroad and unofficial of 7 millions as per Ministry of Manpower and Emigration (2009) Egyptian Migrants Estimates, unpublished tables.
I bet the figures are much higher in 2011…

Approximately 70% of Egyptian migrants live in Arab countries (923,600 in Saudi Arabia, 332,600 in Libya, 226,850 in Jordan, 190,550 in Kuwait with the rest elsewhere in the region) and the remaining 30 % are living mostly North America (318,000 in the United States, 110,000 in Canada) and Europe (90,000 in Italy).

They contribute actively to the development of their country through remittances, circulation of human and social capital, as well as investment. Egypt has been ranked among the top ten countries receiving remittances worldwide. Recently, remittances flow amounted to over 9 billion US dollars, which constitutes more than 8 percent of Egypt’s GDP.
more info is given in these reports
IOM- Egypt Publications

IZA- International Migration, Remittances

Egyptians living abroad have the same rights as the ones in Egypt they love Egypt as much and want it’s welfare and it’s great future…


You can help by raising your voice and supporting Egyptians living abroad right to vote, we need to put more pressure on SCAF and PM Sharaf to grant all Egyptians all their rights.

You can Join the Right2Vote Campain on FB
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Support Allowing Egyptians Living Abroad to Vote in all coming elections in Egyptian Embassies


  1. Great Post Thank you for the effort
    We do deserve to Vote this is our right

    1. I just saw your comment :) very sorry for the late reply thank you so much and I hope you voted for the presidential elections :)