Egypt New Miracle

Along with the Pyramids and the Nile Egypt has a new miracle: Its revolution, its people, and its first ever free presidential elections :)

Till last year and precisely till that miraculous day on jan25 2011 when you would think of an Egyptian miracle,,, you will always think of the Pyramids, the nile or the pharos and the astonishing monuments... now and for the first time in Egypt history a new miracle happened... the miracle of a nation who stood up with great courage to fight the last pharos and take him out of his throne... the miracle of a nation who for the first time in History is voting today... for the first time since the Pharos ruled Egypt and after thousands of years... Egyptians earned the right to vote... they earned their right by chanting in the streets of Cairo... Chanting for freedom... by standing with so much courage opposing a dicator autocratic regime... The most peaceful of all revolutions is witnessing a day of glory today.

we do not know what will happen from today till May 29 or if there is a repetition till June 21 when the new and first elected Egyptian president ever by the Egyptian people will be elected... we do not know if SCAF will interfere or if all this is a pre-planned scenario… but we have huge hopes and we have an incredible feeling of pride, people in the streets today are happy and smiling... Egyptians who are known to hate queues and never respect standing in a line, are showing today a brilliant new image of them: disciplined and cooperative. I passed by several schools on my way to work and people were lined up in huge numbers it was only 7:30 in the morning :) I stoped to put Gasoline in my car and the worker in the gas station was counting the number of cars that support each candidate… and I stopped in a coffeeshop to buy my morning coffee the man there was having his own poll asking each one who are you voting for and teasing his colleague when Abolfotoh scores higher than Morsi...

The miraculous Egyptian elections not only will impact Egypt but neigborhing Arab states, the whole Region and hence the whole world :) the whole world is watching and hoping for the best... but mainly people in Gaza who were living in a huge prison till the revolution happened and they earned a small portion of their freedom with us...
Gaza was parying yesterday for an Egyptian Presient that will support them and help Palestine regain its freedom

so what is the mood in Cairo today:
some of the candidates for presidency are already in action: Voting and following up:

Abdel Moneim Abou El Fotouh: he voted in Ibn el Nafis School in Madinet Nasr

Amr Mousa: Voted in Fatma Anan School in the 5th District

Mohamed Morsi also voted 

Hamdine Sabahy and his daughter voting too

Head of Egyptian Parliament Saad el katateny Voting in a queue more than 50 meters

Egyptian Previous MB Morshed Voting

all around Egypt people ligned up in huge lines full of hope, women participated as usual with great enthusiasm :)

I will Vote no matter what

elderly too participated despite the heat

Congress Monitoring Team 

Praying for my beautiful country to find the right path... and praying for all the mothers and fathers whose children lost their lives for us to live this glorious moments



  1. God bless your people of Egypt. I wish the best for a country growing for love of it's people, I wish the best for Egypt.

    1. Thank you dear Rich I hope things will turn as we hope and that the dream will not turn into a nightmare

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