Make your vote count

Insights into results of Egyptians abroad voting

Jan25 brought a great right to Egyptians the right to vote: your voice counts... we made huge efforts for this to happen and seeing Egyptians around the globe cast their votes was a great moment of honor and pride for our revolution...

We are Egyptians Too (My Blog about Egyptians rights to vote)

Egyptians living abroad votes might represent a very small margin of the total Egyptians votes... yet their votes is very important and has lots of significance... let us reflect the results on the three previous voting events that happened in Egypt during this past year or so:

The three events we will analyze along with the latest results are:
·  Constitutional referendum: held on 19 March 2011.

More than 14 million (77%) were in favor, while around 4 million (23%) opposed the changes; 41% of 45 million eligible voters turned out to vote.

·  Parliamentary elections to the People's Assembly: held from 28 November 2011 to 11 January 2012.

The overall voter turnout is 54% of about 50 million people eligible to vote out of a population in excess of 85 million – with candidates from 50 registered political parties.

·  Shura Council elections: held from 29 January to 22 February 2012.

·  Egyptians Living Abroad Voting Results:

so let us compare the main three voting events: we will skip shura elections as attendance was poor so it will not reflect properly on the analysis

1- Constitutional referendum: 77% YES vs 23% NO

2- Parliamentary elections to the People's Assembly:
    • Muslim Brotherhood = 37.5%
    • Salafis = 28 % 
    • Wafd = 9.2 %
    • Egyptian Bloc = 8.9%
    • Wasat: 3.7%
    • Revolution Continues = 2.8%
    • Reform and development Party = 2.2%
    • Others (mainly NDP Offshoot) = 7.7 %

3- Egyptians Abroad Presidential elections

    • Morsi = 38 %
    • Abolfotoh = 28%
    • Sabahi = 15%
    • Mousa = 12%
    • Shafiq = 7%

Looking at these figures and matching it to results of Egyptians abroad

You can easily relate and see the trend

Egyptians and Revolutionists it is time to unite... Sabahi, Khaled Ali are great Egyptians but your vote for them will only make Abolfotoh weaker and make Morsy stronger because believe it or not Shafik and Mousa despite all the media coverage and the governmental polls do not stand a chance...

Revolutionists unite and do not divide it is our big chance

Make your vote count


  1. Huge effort deserves praise
    Excellent work
    Question is whether these ratios will change in the election? or in the playback!!!?
    Does one give up his mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much :) well i really don't know everything could happen I do not trust SCAF and i do not trust what MB could do with voters !!! rabena yostor isa kheir

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