I Voted ya Tunis for the first time in my life :)

I voted ya Tunis :) I did it... I finally voted... For the first time in my life what an amazing feeling of pride of happiness and of great hope for you my beautiful country…

Praying for you to find the right path, Praying for my amazing Tunisian family, brothers and sisters to find our long awaited country the way we want it to be…
I am very optimistic very happy and no matter what many people think… I know we are on the right track. We did a miracle in Jan 2011 a miracle that no one ever thought we could do… we beat our fear and stood to the dictator and today while voting I felt it deep my heart that we won YES we did we won ya Tunis for you and because of you...
That immense love we have for you is going to guide you in these hard days and lead you to the path of success … isa ya rab...
I Love You Tunisia the country of my birth, the country of my first smile, first word, first VOTE :)
I love You…

My beautiful Mum, Cousin and little nieces at Tunisian embassy in Cairo voting

Pictures today 22 October 2011 in Cairo

Tunisians Abroad Head To Polls

 هرمنا من اجل هذه اللحظة التاريخية
My dear Friend Adel Voting in France

20, 21 & 22 October Tunisians living abroad will head to polls to elect a national constituent assembly which will be responsible for writing the new constitution & forming a new government. In Tunisia, voting will be on the 23rd October.
Four days of pride a dream we never believed could happen. 
What is even more wonderful is that all Zein el Abedin Ben Ali party members- members of el tagamow3 party are banned by law from political activity for 10 years... :)))

The 400 polling stations in the 6 constituencies abroad have recorded large crowds of citizens who were flocking to vote, said Mr. Nasser Essid, Director of Consular Affairs.

Mr. Mohamed Fadhel Mahfoudh, member of the Independent Election Body ISIE in charge of expats, said for his part that ''minor'' problems had been recorded in some polling stations, quoting in this regard the bad weather that delayed the start of voting in Rome (Italy) or else the delay in Helsinki (Finland) due to a mistake in the schedule for polling station opening.
The pace of voting will increase over the weekend, that is Friday in Arab states and Saturday in the other countries.
The number of expatriates likely to vote is estimated at 650,000.

Pictures and Videos of Tunisians abroad voting in the elections

First Tunisian to vote in Australia

 First Tunisian to Vote in China

 Tunisians gathered in Paris to vote in a jubilant atmosphere

Tunisians in Egypt Vote

 First Tunisian To Vote in Madrid

First Tunisian in Germany

Tunisian voting in Toulouse

The 17,000 Tunisian in Canada finally managed to vote as well, after huge demonstrations they succeed in making the Canadian governemnet allow them to vote. a huge success for out Tunisians living in Canada... BRAVO

But that's not just it ...WHAT?
The great surprise even Ben Ali couldn't resist voting :) in Saudi Arabia
haha Joking :)

Goodbye BenAli we will never allow a dictator to rule us again

Tunisians around the globe Go and Vote
you can make the dream come true
Your voice will make the future

Ya Tounis, écoute l'appel au devant

Website and Lyrics: ENTI Essout  

Pictures of Pride and Joy‎


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